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Meet the Founder
Melissa Lilley

As the founder of The Burn Society, Melissa Lilley is committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. With a solid foundation in fitness and dance, Melissa conducted extensive research to find the most effective fitness model for those looking to elevate their workout experiences, which led her to discover numerous benefits of Lagree Fitness. Her expertise and knowledge have enabled her to establish a fitness community in Downtown Delray Beach that is dedicated to promoting health and wellness.

Meet the Team

Introducing our certified Lagree Fitness trainers at The Burn Society! With a high commitment to helping our guests, our trainers are dedicated to providing the best workout experience possible. Join us for a session and see the difference for yourself!

Meet Our MVP  (Most Valuable Pup)

Lorenzo Lilley

At The Burn Society, we're not just a fitness studio; we're about community, and our MVP, is at the heart of it. With his cheerful greetings and joyful presence, he embodies the spirit of wellness and happiness we cherish. Lorenzo isn't just a pet; he's a furry motivator, reminding us that fitness is also about joy and companionship. So, when you visit, don't be surprised if you're welcomed with the happiest tail wag in Delray Beach – it's just our way of saying you're part of the family.

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