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Our Team Picks: Top Delray Bars Near The Burn Society After Your Workout

Celebrate a successful workout with a drink at one of these popular bars near The Burn Society Delray Beach nightlife offers a vibrant scene, and these top picks are perfect for unwinding after an intense Lagree session.

Top Delray Beach Bar Picks:


  • Ambiance: Drift offers a sophisticated, oceanfront experience with stylish decor and comfortable seating.

  • Quality Drinks: Known for expertly crafted cocktails made with high-quality ingredients.

  • Scenic Views: Enjoy breathtaking ocean views while sipping your favorite drink.


  • Upscale Atmosphere: Rosewater features a trendy and elegant vibe with modern decor and ambient lighting.

  • Handcrafted Cocktails: Extensive cocktail menu catering to all tastes.

  • Outdoor Seating: Beautiful outdoor seating area to enjoy the pleasant Delray Beach weather.

Treat Yourself!

Both Drift and Rosewater are just a short walk from The Burn Society, making them convenient choices for a post-workout celebration. Here's how you can incorporate these bars into your visit:

  1. Workout at The Burn Society: Start with an energizing late Lagree session.

  2. Head to Drift or Rosewater: Choose your preferred bar based on your mood.

  3. Enjoy Quality Time: Savor expertly crafted cocktails, sock in the ambiance, and enjoy the company of friends.

  4. Pair Drinks with Bites: Complement your drinks with delicious bites from the bar's menu.

Lagree & Experience Delray Beach Nightlife

The Burn Society Lagree Studio is popular for its workouts, Delray Beach is renowned for its lively nightlife, and Drift and Rosewater are among the top spots to experience it. Whether you're celebrating a personal fitness milestone or simply enjoying a night out, this Lagree and bars adventure offer the perfect setting for a memorable evening.

Ready to unwind after your next workout? Visit The Burn Society to plan your fitness session, and head to Drift or Rosewater for an exceptional night out.

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