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Pineapple Grove

Pineapple Grove is a charming enclave within the larger city of Delray Beach, Florida. It's known for its vibrant arts scene, bustling energy, and picturesque streets. Here's a quick rundown:

The Vibe:

  • Arts District: Pineapple Grove is the heart of Delray Beach's arts scene. Think colorful murals like the iconic "Dancing Pineapple" by Anita Lovitt, public sculptures, art galleries galore, and studios where you can watch artists in action.

  • Eclectic Mix: Boutiques, bistros, and salons rub shoulders with art spaces, creating a diverse and interesting atmosphere. There's something for everyone, whether you're a foodie, a fashionista, or an art aficionado.

  • Local Hangout: This isn't a tourist trap. Pineapple Grove is where locals go to shop, dine, and soak up the creative energy. You'll get a genuine feel for the Delray Beach community.


Key Things to See and Do:

  • Artists Alley: Wander through this alleyway filled with working artist studios, where you can chat with the creatives and discover unique pieces.

  • Arts Garage: Catch a show at this multi-disciplinary venue, featuring theatre, comedy, music, and dance performances.

  • Boutique Shopping: Discover hidden gems at independent shops selling clothing, jewelry, home decor, and more.

  • Restaurant Hopping: Indulge in diverse cuisine, from fresh seafood and juicy burgers to international flavors and upscale dining.


Bonus Tips:

  • Pineapple Grove is walkable, so park your car and explore on foot.

  • Events happen throughout the year, from art walks to live music. Check the Delray Beach website for the latest happenings.

  • Don't miss the annual Pineapple Grove Arts & Crafts Festival in February.

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